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Full Spectrum Cannabis

FSO Tincture

All Natural
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We combine our full spectrum cannabis oil with nothing but clean, organic MCT oil. No added preservatives or artificial flavoring . Just pure and all-natural cannabis oil. Contains THC.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Organic Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.

Bottle Size / # of Doses: 30mL / 30 x 1mL droppers.


500mg Bottle – 16.7mg of FSO per 1mL

1000mg Bottle – 33.3mg of FSO per 1mL

2000mg Bottle – 66.7mg of FSO per 1mL

Place oil under the tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing for the most effective results.


Dealing with pain & inflammation? Or struggling with anxiety or sleep issues? Is your mood, and overall energy suffering as a result? Our signature Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil can help you to restore your sense of wellness by alleviating your pain & inflammation, reducing your anxiety and mood issues, and assisting your sleep. This Cannabis Oil is for those needing the benefits of the whole cannabis plant with all the added benefit of THC

The Way Nature Intends

We craft all of our products with ingredients of the highest quality, organic where available and sustainably grown, harvested and processed. Featuring nothing but the cleanest and purest ingredients, with no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. Just pure and all-natural Cannabis Oil.