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Simply the best budder out there, highly recommended!

Shannon Burrows

Penticton, Canada

I recently tried Nimbus' CBD Pain Relief after straining my neck moving furniture. The cream looks like more of a salve and is a beautiful pale green color and it smells divine . It massages easily into the skin and best of all IT WORKS! My neck had been killing me for days and after massaging it into my neck I felt almost instant relief.

We view our approach today as part of a path; a journey that started with an idea that there is another way to live this life and provide a positive impact into everyday living. We believe that sustainability and positive living is less about an ethos and more about the choices that you make everyday. It’s about your actions, and inspiring the actions of others.

Our story

Before Nimbus as a company was even a concept, a cannabis topical was made in a test kitchen out of curiosity, to answer a question of would this help to relieve pain. The best answer to that initial question that we received came in the form of glowing reviews and reorders from our friends and family exclaiming that they just cant live without it. From that very first batch the recipe was honed and transformed into what became known as The Good Budder. There has since been several other iterations of The Good Budder developed to help target other uses. We also expanded into providing very high quality tinctures as well as edibles to fulfill our own desires to enjoy them and to share with others.

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All Natural Healthy Ingredients

We produce products we believe in and stand behind because we also use them everyday. We believe in quality of product and material, which is why we carefully source sustainable and organic ingredients where we can. It’s these decisions that will guide the future of this community and bring quality in life by the choices we make everyday.

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